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My name is Odi, and I am currently finishing my degree in Sociology and Politics. I have always enjoyed writing, and have always wanted a platform to discuss social issues, fashion and lifestyle. On my blog, you can expect me creating content, and exploring content in all these three fields. In terms of fashion, I will be discussing trends, brands, and where + how to get inspiration from and more ! In regards to social issues, I have been interested in this since I was very young. Studying my degree, made me analyse things that happen in the world more closely. I believe as young people, it is important to engage in these issues as it effects. Why is society the way it is ? Lastly, lifestyle which will be content about music, shows, and exciting things i get up to in London. All the posts will be my opinion unless stated otherwise. I decided to start this blog because, i do enjoy writing number one. Also I often get asked about, my outfits on Instagram @ododzz, and wanted a separate platform to inspire more people. Let’s create and explore.

Feel free to get in contact with any enquirers or dilemmas, and don’t forget to subscribe for content delivered to you directly. Enjoy reading xx

Instagram: theowordblog

Email: odi.uzoigwe@hotmail.co.uk

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