Welcoming in the new year!

By Odi Uzoigwe

So 2020 is done, firstly I think we should all thank God for letting us see 2021, because quite frankly what was that ? This piece is a reflective piece, on what I have learned from 2020, and what I’m carrying into 2021.

This year has been unique and challenging for all, and I believe it will have ever lasting effects on our lives. Let’s start by talking about the first thing, that comes to mind when you think of this 2020. This is almost certain to be coronavirus for most of us, the global pandemic that will forever change how things are shaped. From this I learned that, in life we have to be adaptable. If you know me personally , you know I like to plan ahead. I like structure, and I only like change that was been foreseen.

So this year a lot things, that I would have liked to happen could not take place. A lot things were beyond our hands, which caused me think about goals. As we enter this new year, I’m sure many of us are writing new resolutions and goals. As we do so, it’s important to remember that although material based goals are great. For example ‘ I will buy a new car’. Goals that are more centred around value, are just as important. By that I mean for example, enjoying spending quality time with loved ones. With value based goals, they may be easier to achieve in unforeseen circumstances. This is not to say, material based ones are not as important. But, rather to remember to remain flexible, to our environments that we are in.

From 2020, I also learned that to pace yourself. You do not have to achieve, all your goals for the year, in the space of 2 months. We have 365 days to achieve things, I suggest breaking down our goals into smaller tasks each month which will help us attain our overall goal. We can’t afford to burn out. So instead pace yourself.

In 2020 , I started this blog, and since I’ve received over 1,000 views on my posts. I’m grateful for every read, every share and every comment. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and this blog allows me to explore my creative side. I hope I can continue to write captivating content.

Happy new year all, and thank you for your continued support.

See you soon,

Odi – theowordblog x

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I blog about, fashion, social issues and lifestyle. Based in London.

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